Quality, identity and perception, that's what it is all about at YIP Kappers

YIP people are allround hairdressers with years of experience in hairdressing, each with their own specialities and individual identity. We continuously train ourselves on the latest techniques and trends in the field of color and cut to improve and expand our services.

We do that also by staying in contact with our customers and listen to your ideas and wishes. Every customer of YIP is unique, with their own identity and their own personal requirements.

So....let your daily responsibilities go for a while and find relaxation at YIP Kappers. A salon that lets you relax, is equipped with comfort and coziness, combined with the attention of your own specialist.

All our hairdressers speak English. Not everyone equally, but everyone likes to do it. And experience tells us that with the help of collegues and other customers, we come a long way. We learn everyday of our English speaking customers and perhaps you might find it fun to learn a bit of the Dutch language from us.

Our Services

At YIP Kappers we have several services like colouring, cutting, traditional shaving, Great Lengths extensions, make-up and much more. To give you an idea of what we can do even more for you, click here for our detailed price list.


For a fixed monthly fee and cost to the hairdresser!

At YIP Kappers we work with monthly subscriptions for cutting. Always more advantageous because you can come as often as you like. For a month subscription you also receive throughout the year a 10% discount on our hair care products. Click here for more information about subscriptions and prices and click here to read about the conditions.

If you miss anything on this page, please let us know.

See you at YIP Kappers!

Where can you find us?

We are located in the Shopping Centre Meerrijk in Meerhoven next to the Albert Heijn.


Meerzand 14
5658 LJ Eindhoven

t: (040) 235 15 13


Wij zijn te vinden in het
Winkelcentrum Meerrijk te
Meerhoven naast de
Albert Heijn


          ma 10:00 - 18.00
          di 09.00 - 18:00
          wo 09.00 - 20:00
          do 09.00 - 20:00
          vr 09.00 - 20:00
          za 08:00 - 17:00

Onze kleuringen zijn helaas
alleen telefonisch in te boeken
daar de behandelingstijd moeilijk
is aan te geven en wij altijd kwaliteit
willen bieden. Onze excuses hiervoor!

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